Study Details

Purpose of the Study:

The goal of this research study is to evaluate different types of strategies to support mental health clinicians providing Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), an evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD. The study also seeks to examine the effects of CPT on the patients’ PTSD and other mental health symptoms. The results of this study will help inform how best to support the ongoing implementation and benefits of evidence-based psychotherapies just like CPT in routine clinical settings.

For clinicians interested in participating in this study, please watch this informational video | (YouTube)

Description of the Study:

The current project will compare two different methods of post-training support to promote improved and sustained CPT delivery. Your clinic will be randomly assigned to one of two strategies, both of which will meet biweekly at first, and then monthly, for one year.  The meetings and communications will be recorded for the purposes of understanding whether the processes and strategies used in the learning collaboratives are helpful in supporting CPT implementation. One strategy will focus on providing consultation to help you further develop your skills at delivering CPT with the clients you see in your clinic or practice. The other strategy will teach you strategies for identifying ways to address challenges to delivering CPT effectively at the clinic, client, or treatment level and to determine whether changes that you make to address these challenges are working. You will be asked to complete surveys on your use of CPT every month, and you will also be asked to complete other surveys at the beginning of the study, after the active study phase is complete, and at two follow-up assessments. You will also be asked to record therapy sessions with patients who agree to participate in the study and to provide information and materials used during treatment. You may also be interviewed about your experiences with CPT before or after you participate in the learning collaborative, and the interviews will be recorded. 

 Benefits of the Study:

As a clinician participant, you will receive:

  • 12 months of free biweekly (graduating to monthly) telephone consultation
  • Opportunity to be granted “CPT Quality-rated Provider” status, and placed oncom Provider Roster
  • Complimentary digital audio recorder
  • $100 gift card for completing study activities (VA clinicians: this is only available if you complete your surveys outside your VA schedule—this will be verified by timestamp on your surveys. Thank you for your understanding)
  • Access to CPT webinars and resources
  • Satisfaction that you are participating in a study designed to identify ways to provide access to high quality treatment those who have been diagnosed with PTSD
  • US participants will be eligible for up to 15 CE credits.

Rules for Achieving CPT Provider Status through this study:


  • Professional licensure/registration as a mental health professional, with psychotherapy in scope of practice
  • Reading the CPT manual
  • Participation in a live CPT training (2-3 days) conducted by a treatment developer or an approved CPT Trainer
  • Participation in scheduled group CPT consultation (with discussion of own clients during the call; minimum of 50 minutes attendance to count toward attendance) OR participation in individual CPT consultation/supervision for a minimum of 12 hours
  • Initiation of at least 4 individual CPT cases, with successful completion of 2 individual CPT treatment cases. If your work setting provides group therapy using CPT, contact the CPT Study Coordinator to learn about using group sessions toward study requirements.
  • Submission of Case materials:
    • Audio-recording uploads: Completion of at least 2 individual CPT treatment cases; and uploading of at least 24 sessions
    • Submission of redacted case notes, scores on PCL-5, and sample worksheets or stuck point log.  (Note: because you are submitting audio-recordings, we don’t require a full set of case notes. We ask for at least one clinical note, completed on the CPT note template that is available on iCohere, and at least one worksheet or stuck point log per monththat was completed or reviewed in the same session for which the note is provided).
  • Use of at least one standardized instrument to assess weekly PTSD symptom progress with each of the above cases

Therapists will have CPT Provider status for 3-year increments. They will be contacted by the CPT Program 6 months prior to expiration of their status in order to renew.


Please see the CPT SharePoint for requirements for provider status 

Quality-Rated CPT Provider:

In addition to the above requirements, to achieve Quality-Rated CPT Provider status at no cost, the provider must meet the following criteria: Fully participate in the study. Review of 2 randomly selected video- or audio-recorded patient sessions of CPT for adherence and minimal competency (i.e., a minimum rating of “3” is adequate for each item) for the given sessions. Therapists will have Quality-Rated Provider in CPT status for 3-year increments. They will be contacted by the CPT Program 6 months prior to expiration of their approval in order to renew. If the therapist would like to renew, they will need to upload 1 client’s recording and outcome monitoring of client’s PCLs. One session will be reviewed for fidelity as outlined above. If approved, this renewal will last for another 3 years.