Best practices in sharing case-information

For Canadian and Texas Sites:

Posting on ICohere:

It is essential that we preserve the confidentiality of our fellow learning collaborative members and our clients. The listservs on ICohere are intended to provide support for you as you provide CPT to your clients, and therefore case discussion and providing feedback and suggestions to one another is encouraged! Please remember these guidelines, however:

1) Do not post identifying information about clients. In addition to obvious items, such as names, identifying information can include details that might allow us to discern who they are, (e.g., “The assault and the way the investigation was handled has attracted national media attention”) – It is better to simply say that there are questions about how the investigation has been conducted. Please follow the general principle of only sharing the minimum necessary information that needs to be shared to get the input you need.

2) Please obscure any names or highly specific details on worksheets that you post.

3) If you receive listserv messages or digests via email, please use only your work email address and make sure this complies with your employer’s policies, and delete them after you have reviewed them. The will remain available on the secure message board itself so you can always log in if you need to see them again. Similarly, do not forward emails that you receive on the listserv.

4) Please also be mindful of your fellow listserv members’ confidentiality, as well!

For VA Sites:

Please follow standard VA privacy and information security policies.

Recruiting and Consenting Patients:


In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of patient data, the study research team will not be collecting any personally identifiable patient information. Clinicians will be required to discuss with patients what is involved in the study if they agree to participate. Clinicians will then obtain verbal consent from patients for their study participation, and subsequently sign a form confirming patients’ voluntary agreement to participate in the study and consent to audio record the therapy sessions.

To aid in your successful delivery of obtaining verbal consent from patient participants, we have prepared a script for you: Link to Script

Once verbal consent is received, please sign the following affidavit confirming your receipt of verbal consent from your patient participant: Link to Confirmation of Patient Verbal Consent

Some IRBs/REBs require written consents to be obtained from patient participants. If you require a written patient consent, please contact Study Coordinator.

Canadian site:

Tasoula Masina
Telephone: 416-979-5000, press 1, then x2369
Toll Free Fax: 1-866-344-1410


The study team will provide your clinic with study flyers/information forms and consent to contact forms. These can be displayed in the waiting room or given to potentially interested clients. If they want more information, they can contact the study team directly or they can complete the consent to contact form, and it can be faxed (or, in VA, emailed via encrypted email) to the study team.

The study team will consent the clients by telephone and contact the provider when they have been consented.

Texas site:

Vanessa Ramirez
Telephone: 210-617-5300, x16637
Toll Free Fax: 1-800-592-5121

VA site:

Kera Mallard
Telephone: 650-493-5000 press 1 then press 2, then x26200 (Menlo Park)
Fax: (650) 617-2701