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Digital Audio-Recorder Instruction Videos:

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Recorder Overview:


Recorder Plug-in:


Uploading Recordings:


Recorder Instructions MXL Microphone:

[OLD] Digital Audio-recorder Instructional Manuals 

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Philips Voice Tracer

Sony Voice Recorder PX333

[OLD] Digital Audio-recorder Intro Videos

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How to use your recorder Part 1:


How to use your recorder Part 2:


How to move your audio files from recorder to computer (turn volume up as the sound is very low):


Link to Audio Upload Website

Please be sure to follow the file naming instructions provided on the first page of the audio upload website.

You will receive your username and password for the audio website via email. Please keep this information in a safe but accessible location. You will not be able to change your password.

Please contact the Study Coordinator if you have any questions: