What is CPT?

How CPT can help you with your PTSD symptoms

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT; Resick, Monson, & Chard, 2014), is a time-limited, evidence-based, cognitive behavioral treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Randomized controlled trials have documented the efficacy of this psychotherapeutic intervention with different types of individuals diagnosed with PTSD, including veterans. Several treatment guidelines support CPT as a first-line treatment for PTSD.

Are you and your colleagues interested in developing your CPT skills and delivering CPT to more of your clients? Are you a clinician who treats people diagnosed with PTSD?  Are you a clinician who would you like to learn more about training to become a CPT provider? Or are you a CPT Provider and are interested in building your CPT skills and potentially becoming eligible for “Quality-rated CPT Provider” status by receiving consultation and taking part in our current CPT Sustainability Study?

We are currently enrolling clinicians in the U.S. VA and Texas VA healthcare systems to participate in the new CPT Sustainability Study. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Study Coordinators.

For Canadian sites: Tasoula Masina at tasoula.masina@psych.ryerson.ca

For Texas sites: Vanessa Ramirez at Vanessa.Ramirez3@va.gov

For VA sites: Kera Mallard at Kera.Swanson@va.gov